Music & Lyrics by
Ilene Altman &
Steve Equi

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Sometimes when I'm feeling down
If I'm sick and I can't have my friends around
Or maybe it's been raining and I can't play outside
There's one thing you can do to cheer me up
Sometimes I just need a hug

Sometimes you say that I've been bad
But I don't know what I did to make you mad
You give me a time out, I cry and throw a fit
You raise your voice and tell me, "That's enough!"
But sometimes I just need a hug

When I'm having a bad dream
And a monster comes and scares me
I wake up in the dark
With no one there beside me
So I run to your room
Cause I know a hug will help me
Make it through
I need you

Sometimes when I slip and fall
If I hurt myself I know just who to call
You always make it better with kisses and with love
When band-aids and words won’t heal the cut
Sometimes I just need a hug

Leeny: Vocals & piano
Steve: All other instruments, production & programming