Music & Lyrics by
Ilene Altman & Steve Equi

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It's not nice to leave all your toys out
It's not to pull the cat's tail
It's not nice to track mud in the house
Or throw your food into the air

It's not nice to pick on your sibling
It's not nice to steal from your friends
It's not nice to bully or tease
Or call someone a poopyhead

It's not nice, it's not nice, not nice

It's not nice to take without asking
It's not nice to cut place in line
It's not nice to speak out of turn
Or to make noise when you should be quiet

It's not nice to be a sore loser
It's not nice to cheat at a game
It's not nice to whine or to shout
Or pout when you don't get your way

It's not nice, it's not nice, not nice

Let's be nice and say please and thank you
Always remember to be polite
Let's be nice and clean up our room
Without mom having to ask us twice

Let's be nice and do unto others
As we would have them do unto us
Let's be nice and share all our things
And show respect to everyone

Let's be nice, let's be nice
Be nice!

Leeny: Vocals & organ
Steve: All other instruments, programming & production