Be Nice has been honored as a 2008 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner!
Established in 1978, Parents' Choice is the nation's oldest nonprofit guide to quality children's media and toys. The Foundation’s purpose is to search out and recommend products that help kids grow – imaginatively, physically, morally and mentally—fairly priced products that are fun, safe and socially sound.

"The songs teach with humor; the music will have listeners dancing and singing along."
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Be Nice has won a Children's Music Web Award as Best Recording for Preschoolers!
The Children's Music Web Awards are the only awards that are guided by adults and chosen by kids. The awards are decided in a multi-step judging process. First, family judges screen the candidates and make preliminary decisions. In the second round, classrooms and day care centers worldwide pick their favorites. Children's voices predominate every step of the way. Thus, it can truly be said that these are the kids' favorites!

Be Nice has been named to the Best Music of 2008 Recommended List for Your Family
from Common Sense Media!
Common Sense Media is a non-partisan, not-for-profit national organization led by concerned parents and individuals with experience in child advocacy, public policy, education, media and entertainment. It exists because media and entertainment profoundly impact the social, emotional, and physical development of children. Common Sense Media provides trustworthy information and tools, as well as an independent forum, so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume.

"Sweet songs about small moments make a big impact."
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Be Nice has earned the prestigious Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine! Creative Child Magazine is a national bi-monthly publication that provides parents with the latest information on how to nurture their child's creativity. Creative Child Magazine's Toy Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by moms, music educators and early education professionals.

Leeny and Steve received a
full-page story in
The Springfield Republican's parenting section!
Please check it out here.

Pair produce CD for kids, that parents love, too
Nice article from
The Gloucester Daily Times
in Leeny's new hometown of Gloucester, MA, the most
beautiful place on earth.
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Leeny and Steve get a shout out from their alumni magazine,
Berklee Today. Scroll down to "Crafting Children's Songs."

Always remember your roots... Click here for a nice article from Leeny's old hometown paper in Clark, NJ!

Go Big Red!
Leeny's old stomping ground, Cornell University, remembers one of its own. Click here for the article.

July 3rd-4th parades 2008,
Cape Ann, MA,
in the LeenyandSteve-mobile

"Leeny and Steve kick it old school... This album stands out in the 2008 kids’ music market because it actually sounds like an album for children. This point was driven home for me as I watched my two-year-old daughter react to Be Nice... my daughter has always loved music, but I’ve never seen an album hold her attention right away like this."
Jeff Giles, Editor-In-Chief, Popdose
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"Their simple, clean production keeps the performances low-key and intimate. Dig Know What the Nos Are, a Queen-like tune about all the things kids aren't supposed to do, that sounds like a junior Bohemian Rhapsody; and Sometimes I Just Need a Hug, a sweet ballad that could have been cowritten with James Taylor, Carole King, and Paul Simon."
Warren Truitt, Children's Music That Rocks / Senior Children's Librarian, New York Public Library
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"Sweet songs about small moments make a big impact. This well-produced and imaginative collection of children's music has enough variety to engage older siblings and parents as well as toddlers. There are positive messages about taking care of yourself and others, all presented with an energetic sense of fun. Prepare to be charmed by sparkling vocals and instrumental tracks... an impressive degree of taste and musicianship.”
***** (5 stars out of 5)
Kathi Goldmark, Common Sense Media
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"The title is irresistible and their story is just as nice. Our kids loved Stinky Diaper and moms loved It’s Not Nice. From rock to country, the lyrics are sweet and fun while giving all of us a good message: Be nice!"
Heather Kempskie, Editor, Parents and Kids magazine, “P&K Picks” Sept’08
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"Leeny and Steve score on their debut album. These self-described 'middle-aged rockers' offer 16 original tunes that have real kid appeal. The lyrics teach, but never preach. The album features various musical styles, such as reggae, rock, and country. Leeny's voice changes to match the mood of the piece. Several cuts deal with behavior. Many songs will be useful during story time, such as I Like Fruit (an upbeat pop listing of fruits that hits some operatic notes during the bridge), Mammals, and Who's Your Buddy? (a pop tribute to the pet dog, from his perspective). What Have You Done with All the Penguins?! is a show-stopper. Never over-produced, this album should be enjoyed for its simplicity."
Stephanie Bange, School Library Journal / Children's Librarian, Wilmington-Stroop Branch, Dayton Metro Library, OH
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"Aimed at the toddler audience, Leeny and Steve perform original pop songs with great musical accompaniment that will have the kids dancing along. Leeny Altman sings lead on all the cuts, with a voice similar to Carole King's. The songs are done in a variety of styles, from ballads, to lullabies, to rocking dance songs, which shows the versatility of the artists and should also appeal to kids. What Can I Do? features a spoon solo by Steve; all of the percussion and piano are standouts on these songs. Teachers may want to adopt some of the songs for school assemblies, especially Ain't Ain't a Word and The Dictionary Game."
Penny Peck, Editor, BayNews, The Association of Children's Librarians of Northern California /
Sr. Librarian Youth Services, San Leandro Public Library

"Be Nice is like a breath of fresh air. The 16 songs on this fantastic CD are catchy, funny, unique, and appealing to both children and parents. A real kid-friendly mix of Leeny's lyrics and melodies and Steve's musical arrangements, which draw from a wide variety of styles such as R&B, country, and reggae, while remaining rooted in rock 'n' roll. The lyrics are so kid-like that you would think Leeny and Steve were kids."
Charlotte Bohn, Baltimore's Child
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"The 16 songs on Be Nice teach and entertain children through a variety of musical styles, witty lyrics, and upbeat melodies. The music is also appealing to adults because it does not take the intellect of an adult for granted. Listening to the CD while in the car with my children, I found myself chuckling to the smart, well-written lyrics and quickly began singing along. (Admittedly, I also caught myself singing these tunes while doing dishes and working out.) Lively music for car rides or play dates, as well great background ambience for doing things such as nursing a baby. Lyrics complement parents' efforts at teaching preschoolers 'life etiquette.'"
Mary Wiggins, BostonMamas.com
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"We can all use some laughter in our day, and these songs definitely deliver! Be Nice boasts a huge range of styles, including rock, blues, R&B, reggae and beautiful lilting lullabies. A great CD for exposing kids to many different types of music, and the variety keeps adults interested."
Christy Zarlengo, BoMoms / Director, Children's Music Center of Jamaica Plain
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"Be Nice is no end of fun. Musically, there's something for everyone, and as a pediatrician mom, I can vouch that the lyrics rock! There's the catchy bubblegum pop I Like Fruit, with its 'funducational' subtext, the zingy Mammals, and my favorite, Know What the Nos Are, a 'Bohemian Rhapsody' send-up that sends both parent and child alike into the giggles with its irresistible admonitions against pushing, biting, scratching, and fighting. Songs like Let's See How Quiet We Can Be are clever additions to any family's repertoire. The balance of the album includes kid-pleasing songs about dogs, penguins, hanging at the playground, and eating breakfast for dinner. Turn up the Leeny and Steve, but be careful, you might learn something."
Lisa M. Asta, MD, FAAP, Casa Verde Pediatrics, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA

“My daughter’s favorite CD by far. This is a GREAT CD to play at home or in the car. The songs teach the kids things with fun rhythms, hilarious lyrics, and wonderful melodies. I found myself singing along the first time I heard it and my daughter cheers and claps when I put it on now. I can't wait for more from these two.”
Jen, WA

“Best CD for kids of all ages... from 1 to 91:) We all LOVE it! Rarely can you find a CD, and love every single song. This CD will change that!!! Every single song makes you smile, makes you think, makes you want to listen to it again and again, and never get tired of it! Leeny is a genius at changing, disguising her voice - from reggae, to country, to sounding like a princess... She is amazing, and has a wonderful talent! Steve is a master as well (love the spoon solo), and together they have made my 5 year old daughter and I happy every time we press play. I've also learned a thing or three about Mammals, and The Dictionary Game has us both in hysterics as I try to come up with a new word and sing along! Brilliant and happy music... 3 thumbs up!!!” :)
Joanne, MA

“This is a kid's album that is just as fun to listen to as an adult as it is for kids. The wide variety of musical styles is novel and educational in and of itself. The subjects cover the things kids find interesting- food, animals, and the ever-evolving mystery of just what do parents want. The behavior songs are catchy, not preachy. This album is a little bit Sesame Street, a little bit School House Rock, and a whole lot of fun. It even might teach this 37 year old to like fruit!”

“My son LOVES it!! He asks for this CD every time we are in the car. He knows all the songs by heart! I would recommend this to any family, parents will enjoy as well as the kids!!”
Theresa, MA

"This CD is absolutely wonderful. It caters to all ages from my 2nd grader to my kindergartner, to my husband, and well, to me. The songs present several music styles including rock, R&B, country, and Caribbean beats. This CD has made our car trips so much easier and it also has a wonderful message. We have listened to it for hours and hours and have yet to tire of it. We really love it!"
Erica, PA

"My three kids beg me for the CD on driving trips and I love it too. Even my parents sing along. The kids are really listening to the words and responding to them. I have even seen a change in them and my only thought is, it must be the CD!"
Tonya, MA

"My kids love it!! They get the giggles just thinking about Stinky Diaper and since they are big into penguins, they love the 'Aquarium Song' as they've come to call it. Who's Your Buddy? is a feel good for them, and when things get a bit crazy, we lay down Know What the Nos Are and naughty things come to a halt. In fact, last night Luke was kicking Keelan, and Keelan piped in with... 'LUKE! The song says no kicking, scratching or biting, so you have to stop kicking me!'"
Chris, MA

“What a FUN record!! Every song on this record makes me smile. I can think of so many kids and adults I wanna give it to as soon as possible. No one is too young or too old to enjoy it.”
Tamara, NY

“Ahhh... finally something that's fun for parents to listen to also!  We totally dig this album, what a fun collection. I actually learned a few things myself... and our daughter was really into it too. And since we listen to music every time we're in the car - I'm so thankful to have something that I enjoy as well.”
Ryan & Kelly

“Great album! I really liked this album - well thought out... good words to grow up to and live by and great music. A nice variety - I can see children remembering the words and dancing to the music - all with mom & dad’s approval!!”
Marie (Steve’s mom)
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